Teaching responsible & authentic storytelling through adventure, empowering young girls to know their voice. 

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Recent Workshops

Dive Deeper: Poetry & Story

September, 2016 (as part of research for the documentary film, AMA )

Students joined Devyn in a 2-week rhythmic poetry class. Taking the basics of expression, creativity, and language they were able to expand muses into visual (watercolor) & verbal (read-alouds) art. The definition of poetry was challenged as these ladies free-wrote and shared aloud their sentences (and yes banging on buckets & stomping feet & feeling heart-beats occured!). Focusing on the theme of diving deep, Mary Oliver was studied, looking at nature, particularly the ocean, and what it feels like to dive deep down into the big blue. This class was so successful, we're looking to expand it next fall!

Walk Your Path & Know Your Story

January 2015, Sayulita, Mexico

Description: Devyn Bisson led a group of young women on a trek through the ocean jungles of Sayulita, providing them with the tools and questions along the way to ponder, dream, and plot out their life's story. Devyn returned to the beach to lead a creation of a small book for the girls to take home and continue to work on as they live their story! A truly unique experience, Bisson brought the intangible aspects of storytelling alive for young girls in a way never done before. 

Team: Special thanks to Girl Gang members Nicole Santo & Ellie Mae for joining the adventure!

Upcoming Workshops

Storytelling Workshop:

Students will

October, 2017

3 week course

$150 session.

10 person limit


Location: Costa Mesa Ceramics:

1001 W. 17th Street, Costa Mesa


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