A Note From Devyn


Hues of Blue is a name I've been carrying around for a few years now. It grew into its' meaning, in ways I never knew it could, brilliantly. 

I believe anything you carry around long enough becomes part of you. Part of your serendipity, part of your luck. It starts to make sense to your universe. Dangerously though, the opposite can occur. I have to be careful of what I carry. The trauma, the stories of pain, the weight of the world, it can stick. I painfully begin to trust it as forever. And so, I’m incredibly careful with what I hold in my heart. Visions and dreams, not old stories. 

Knowing this, this awareness, is knowing my own creative process. Through my projects as a filmmaker, I've had to learn to know it better for the sake of accomplishing my work. Through my personal demons and battles as any living, breathing, human faces --- I've had to learn about it in order to heal.  

When I look closer at my creativity it's not always so pretty. Diving deep to learn about ones own creative process is terrifying. As if the process itself wasn't already. If you can though, the experience is uncanny. I have a feeling we can do so together.

I have one mission in mind. Make more art. Free self expression. Empower my friends to do the same. Break the economic cycle of, can't, can't, can't. Rely on each other. Break all the rules. Empower others to get to know their own creative process like an intimate best friend. So special & unique to them. All else will follow. Our spirit will follow. Our vulnerability will follow. Our bravery will follow. Our inspiration follows. Our love follows. It floods the world.