"We had 24 hours to present the director of the Sikh Film Festival with a topic worthy of receiving their grant...yet we knew nothing about Sikhs, who they were or what they stood for. With nothing to lose we began an all night google search. Sitting next to my co-director Katie Wise, I jokingly googled 'Sikh Free-diver' and up came a totally different topic: SIKHS SAVE THE CRAFT OF PARMESAN CHEESE. We rolled laughing, in half delirium & half exhaustion morning light came, it was the only story we had. We walked into our pitch meeting, blazers on & our 6 foot statures on our side. We were knocked off our feet when the director said, 'yes! we love it!' Suddenly, the "oh my gosh, we have to go actually make this thing" sank in. With nothing but a NY Times Newspaper article, we needed to go find our story." -Devyn Bisson on The Start.

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