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Natalie, the artist is: a storyteller. With my pen to write (favorite tool), my questions to inquire, my camera to capture.

Favorite blue hue is: periwinkle. The chilled color the morning sky welcomes you with before the sun breaks through. The color of my favorite blanket and my energy. 

Creativity is: freeform, spontaneous. Meditated, calculated. Instinctive, joyous. Juxtaposed and intertwined. Empowering and emboldening. 

Dream masterpiece: Cross-country, service-based road trip, documented from start to finish, equipping our nation with the tools to tangibly change our communities, our world. 

Creative process secret weapon: Crisp Champagne Voluspa candles and my Morning Glory gals. 

Location that has most inspired my art: My room and my car - the quiet places of solitude I allow the corners of my mind to expand. My room, where I've processed pain over and over. My car, where I've wept tears of grief and joy; shouted praises and screamed frustrations through the dials on my radio. A place I pause, a place in motion.

Current muse: My seasons. This season, it’s my promise to act, live, and love boldly and say yes to all that is life-giving. And Sophia Bush (she’s a bad ass).