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Justine, the artist is: molding little baby brains to be big thinkers and big dreamers, chasing my pen down the paper as my heart pours its contents, and dancing through newness as transition becomes my constant.

Favorite blue hue is: the glassy cerulean water of Maui. The sun dipping its rays into the horizon. My body amongst it all surrendering to the ebb and flow of the world's rhythm.

Creativity is: listening to what your soul longs for. Letting the world bask in your authentic and one-of-a-kind glow. Expressing the hue of your heart that is only yours.

Dream masterpiece: The present moment.

Creative process secret weapon: Children. They are fearless creatives.

Location that has most inspired my art: My classroom. 4 yellow walls. 17 tiny souls. Art on every surface. No perfection. No mistakes.

Current muse: POWERFUL WOMEN. My badass tribe of friends. The incredibly resilient mamas of my students. My mom. Myself.