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Devyn, the artist is: a poet. Oh and right now I make films. I write on scraps of paper. I paint with watercolors. I make little shelves with wood from Home Depot.

Favorite blue hue is: crystal-clear turquoise. The kind that floats all my best friends down their perfect waves.

Creativity is: FREEDOM to chase that which makes us feel INFINITE.

Dream masterpiece: I’m in transition. I’m open to my next masterpiece. I lean on the quote, “She lives the poetry she cannot write.” I’m really trying to figure out where I find art in living. And a healthy balance in my creative process. I believe my next masterpiece will come out of that. Or maybe it's just that?

Creative process secret weapon: My mantra is, “break every rule.” I don’t believe in rules. My art breaks a lot of barriers, and I have to break my mind free of them first.

Location that has most inspired my art: The ocean is my endless source of wisdom. Hues of Blue itself was born out of my deep relationship with the sea.

Current muse: My own personal scars — my desire to find resilience with them, rather than without them.