Tory built it it.

Gracie drew it.

The girl gang said yes to it. 

We called it

My gratitude was immense & left me with few sentences to write. 

I found that it was ok to be lost in all dem' feelings of hues of blue. In a soft surrender I could feel the gifts that came from planting my heart in friends, them expressing my art in return, when I felt I had nothing left to give myself.  

Art is so independent, yet it can never be completed alone. 

This co-independnent-expression, begets gratitude.

Gratitude is the first story, always.

Thank you to my dearest:

Tory & Gracie:  I wrote it on the walls. I asked you to paint it on pieces of wood for me. I asked you to hang it in our home. The phrases "Hues of Blue" and "Make Art". Before I even knew what they could be. You sang it all back to me in one cohesive website. 

Christyn : My life coach, love coach, the one who's re-built my life with me in every moment of hurt. 

Jay: Co-creation is our super power. Every dream-chasing artist can go a little crazy without a best friend to remind them that their masterpiece is this very present moment.  For unconditional love & everything else. 

My Girl Gang: My oxygen for living a creative life, with endurance.

Aunty Paige & Uncle Greg: For running down the street to hug me when I got the call that I was a HB Lifeguard. For celebrating the dreamer in me. For picking me back up & saying, "come stay in our guest room while you build the rest of your dreams." ***thanks again***

Lil' Cousin Haley: For asking me to go running with you every night, and then drive to Dairy Queen for ice cream. For showing me what kind of powerful girl I should be when I grow up, what kind of powerful girls we need to keep inspiring to be brave.

Mom & Dad: I am the writer, the poet, the fighter, the battlefield warrior by example. Because you write, fight, grow, heal, dig, love, vulnerably & wholly, you told me to never stop the dreams.