OOTB: Heaven


"To me a heaven would be a big bull ring with me holding two barrera seats and a trout stream outside that no one else was allowed to fish in and two lovely houses in the town…” -Ernest Hemingway to Scott Fitzgerald

No grammar rules, no insecurities, no play-it-safe dreaming need apply here. In one crazy, run-on sentence, tell us your heaven. 

ELLIE SAYS: I have witnessed heaven in the moments inside of a song where I am fusing my soul to another soul in perfect harmony.

GRACIE SAYS: To me heaven would be diving under a huge wave at sunset and opening my eyes to see the wave crashing over me with crystal clear vision and when I came up from the wave feeling renewed and refreshed, I would be high above the water watching the hot pink clouds from above, watching kids running and splashing in the waves, and seeing the surfers sitting on their boards waiting to dive under a wave and see their own heaven as well. 

TORY SAYS: To me heaven is greeting the darkness of the morning, basking in the silence and solitude of it all, blasting Helen Reddy and standing on the balcony in total triumph screaming i am woman, it's putting on high-tops and walking out into the hell of this world, it's a hot-damn-my-hair-looks-good-i-woke-up-like-this kind of day, it's spending a thousand dollars and surprising your friends with taylor swift tickets because you deserve it so much, you fought for this, you fought for freedom, you fought for joy, you've fought everyday and you deserve to sing, it's seeing the look on your friends faces, it's linking hands and in 1,2,3, jumping, screaming, laughing, it's that split second decision that changed the whole day, it's giving you and your soul posse a two hour break from the bullshit that's been served to you, it's standing on a stage in front of a sold-out Staples Center crowd and screaming i'm lost i'm lost i'm lost and i'm not ready to get found, it's dancing in the confusion and hurt of it all, it's boldly asking for what you need and having your tribe show up for you no questions asked, it's going to bed empty except you've given new meaning to the word, it no longer means hopeless or tired or uninspired, it means that you gave it all, every last bit of it, love poured out of you, art poured out of you, you shed your armor and let vulnerability shine through, you screamed from rooftops and danced through hallways, you shared your shame and they didn't laugh, they praised you, they lifted you up on their shoulders like a hometown hero and they screamed their pain right back at you, and you knew you weren't alone in it all, you healed together at a taylor swift concert screaming this is our heaven this is our new york this our warrior song.

KATIE SAYS: Heaven to me is being in nature surrounded by my animals (mini cow, checkers-my dog, bunnies, chickens, the whole farm yard gang) and the people I love, while eating a dessert that just happens to be gluten free and sugar free yet is not compromised in flavor, all the while listening to John Mayer and making an epic to do list with the smell of pine trees and campfire smoke filling the crisp autumn air around me.

JUSTINE SAYS: Heaven is the moment the foam of an artfully prepared London fog kisses my chilled lips on a morning that the crispness of fall has dawned on, staring out a dew drunken window past the silhouette of my best friend, her untamed hairs stretching towards the sky like the limits of the day's beauty, music healing my heart so fully I close my eyes to take it in, the hair on my arms rising up, the sweater on my back sinking into my form, no to do list, no obligations, nothing weighing on my soul besides being, being home in the moment as the world spins, a bride to the peace in my soul and the love in my heart, for one moment I find heaven.

DEVYN SAYS: Heaven is just saying the word and knowing it, "heaven, heaven, heaven," letting it soothe my soul and remind me, holy shit this is my heaven. Holy shit, I've never denied heaven. Holy shit heaven is here. Heaven is a word, a word that wraps around me the way words have been mine since day 1. The way the desk supports the paper that supports the pen that supports the hand that supports the heart of a girl who needs to express it all, all the time. Oops. Heaven in physical form takes the words from my paper and thrusts them into the sky, the way a wave takes my longboard down a supported slope of love, my friends all out the back waiting for the bigger wave of the set. They've all ventured off to this island with me, to support me in my perfect heaven. It's now become theirs. Gorgeous men waiting for us back on shore, while we giggle and laugh and play all day in the water. Friendship that sails the stormiest of seas. My heaven is a billion days of heaven, with them, my girls who know my world, the world where we are all creating, expressing, crying, laughing, the world where money doesn't stop us, thoughts of the mind are limits, and we know we've got to keep in nature to keep inspired. Friends dedicated to my heaven, me dedicated to theirs. Us liberating each other, my hues of blue grants grow our love knowing money is not neither mine or theirs but the circulation of freedom we've got nailed. Holy shit and we're dancing with Chris Martin to every tear is a waterfall, and we're constantly in birth to the daughter of ourselves, celebrating by singing it on stage for everyone to know, documenting it responsibly, staying with our humble hearts changing the world. Holy shit we're in heaven.

So, what's your heaven? We're listening. Leave you answer below in the comments!