Everything I know about life

I know from the ocean.

Joyous sunny days that kiss my cheeks.

Big-wave swell days that punch my gut with fear.

I know my battleground.

The vicious unknown of the heaving water 

that threatens with suffocating self doubt

until Mother Nature releases it’s hold and I come up for air.

I know connection.

Positioning myself for the perfect one

that might perch me on its shoulder, fly me down its face

grip my feet under its power and support me


I know transformation.

Entering the water despite everything,

launching off a wave and being delivered all the way to shore.

I look back and wonder, How did I do that?  

I know the sense of accomplishment.

Leaving the sea now more nourished in soul

after a day of challenging chaos.

The wind is soft and the water calm.

I revel in the sun, melting like golden liquid beneath

a horizon of hues of blue;

a sometimes blurred and fine line

that always teaches me well.

Passion & Grace,