OOTB: Shoes


***Inspired by the sound of my black leather boots clapping on London’s cobblestone streets****

What’s the best pair of shoes you ever owned? Draw/Doodle them for us. What steps did you take in them?  (Think “steps” in terms of vulnerability, that moment on stage, that moment telling that boy you were worth more than he was giving you, that moment you walked into the room like a boss, etc.)


Gracie Says: 

These are my adventure shoes, my reminder to go outside and climb things. I've worn them to 5 music festivals, dancing on dirt and grass, getting my toes stepped on by other pit dancers. I hopped on stage with The Head and the Heart with them, I waited to be in the front row of Mumford and Sons for 3 hours with them. I've climbed rocks in Joshua Tree with them. For a long time they were white, then I only got around to painting one, then on a windy bus ride from Lake Tahoe to Outside Lands, I broke out sharpies and drew out the images dancing around my mind as I listened to The Oh Hellos. They're dirty and old but the soles are in tact and they remind me to step outside and go do big things.

Tory Says:

It’s a meditative act. I slide my hitops on every morning and notice the way they gently hug my feet. I lace them up, one by one, and they start to hold me a little tighter. I curl my toes and feel strength and power and goodness rise up my legs to my knees, to my hips, through my stomach and past my chest until it reaches my mind. I know who I am in these hitops. I know where I’m going in these hitops. I know how to dance on beat in these hitops. I know how to own the stage at karaoke in these hitops. I know how to navigate Chicago’s public transit in these hitops. I know how to dream in these hitops. I know my worth in these hitops. One bold step after the other. And when I feel myself hesitating, I close my eyes. I curl my toes. Strength and power and goodness pulse through me again, starting in my shoes. 1 step, 2 step. I know the way. 


Ellie Says: 

Devyn Says:

London Calling. London Clacking. London on the verge of Cracking.

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