Blue Prints: "The Wave I Ride" London Surf Film Festival T-shirt


The photo I attached shows my process from an original tiny sketch, to the bigger sketches, to the inking, and to (wala!) a final t-shirt.

It's hard to look back on the process of this project and not feel insanely frustrated. Reference photos are a big part of creating a design or art piece, but eventually you get so sick of them. I don't want to look at a picture of London for awhile. 

This project made me grateful for light boxes that allow me to trace over my past sketches. I'm grateful for skinny black pens that are good for details. I'm grateful that I am obsessed with drawing waves

I'm grateful for experiences that help me learn what to do in future commissions, like being more specific and making a simple contract, sticking to my pricing, and learning to love working in pencil before getting to ink.

This process was a tiring one. I'm still finding random papers with drawings of London on the floor of my room. But seeing the shirts printed and being sold in actual London, at the European premiere of "The Wave I Ride" is something that makes me proud of my creation. It's something I can tell my friends about and show my parents. I can't wait to rock the shirt myself and when people ask where I got it, I can say "I made it!"