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"At Hues Of Blue we dive deep, we expose the process, we embrace support, we make more art."

Hues of Blue is the entire experience of the creative process. The light blues, the dark blues, the feelings that have you soaring in the sky, the feelings that have you dark in their depths. Both have to be harnessed in order to make art. Whatever it takes, we'll acknowledge this crazy thing known as our creativity and meet it where it asks us. In our shared experiences on this website, taking a vast array of form & mediums, we'll dive deep, we'll make more art. 

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At Hues of Blue, we understand that storytelling is one of the most powerful tools to influence culture. At the same time, one of the hardest tasks to achieve if you're expressing a pure & authentic voice. We're here to honor those who dedicate themselves to authentic & responsible storytelling. 

Our HOB CERTIFIED grants have helped musicians, filmmakers, storytellers of all mediums & kind remove the financial hurdles holding them back from making more--authentic--art. 

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-TANGLED EP by Ellie Mae & The Ricochets

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